Featured Blogger: Mom On Duty

Even if she didn’t placed a comment when I announced that I will be featuring my favorite blogs here on SBM, she will be on my priority list ^_^
I have known Kim of Mom on Duty through FemaleNetwork GT. She was managing her blog under Coffee with Kim then and was pregnant with her first child Kelly. I liked it when she would post comment on my blog or would reply to my tweets and aside from that, she also live in the same town where I reside.
Well, it’s not only because of those reasons why I am featuring her. I tell you, you’ll get a lot to learn from Mom on Duty and I am listing them all below in random order (lol)!:
• Kim, is a fire officer’s wife and a work-at-home mom to her two kids (Kelly 2 yrs.old and Caleb 2 mos.)
• She has the beauty and brain that would make you read all of her posts in Mom on Duty.
• I find her as a tough mom, keeping up with her online career while taking care of her family.
• I adore her love for adventures and travels.
• She has the most effective tips on Budget and Savings.
• She’s into breastfeeding too! (I always give 2 thumbs up to moms who breastfeed their kids)
• She has the sweetest yet tough love story to share with her readers.
She just got her own domain (Mom On Duty) hence few posts but I believe her old blog Coffee with Kim is still active (you may want to read her previous posts there). Follow her blog and like me, you will be entertained just by reading her adventures and misadventures as she juggles family life, her freelance career and all the randomness she does.
* * *
I am featuring my favorite blogs and bloggers here on Story Book Mom because they inspire me to live my day to day life as a family woman and as a Work-At-Home Mom. I consider them as my breather when the going gets tough around my family and work. If you want to be featured too (in case I haven’t discovered your blog yet) send me an email at storybookmom23@gmail.com containing a brief description of your blog and a short bio of yourself.
Note: Your blog must contain topics that I normally discuss on own site to qualify (parenting, marriage, child care, home living, WAHM, SAHM). Blog and bloggers outside the Philippines are welcome to participate.


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