Monthly Roundup Post: December 2012

Wow! I can’t believe that I am writing my last monthly roundup post for the year 2012 and I was so glad that I can still blab about things that happened during those busy days through this post (yep, I’m talking about back logs). So I’m warning you all, what you are about to read are all so 2012 ^_^
Christmas 2012

Christmas morning (opening of gifts from Santa Claus)

We had a very silent Christmas Eve. We didn’t even bothered to cook and just ordered a bucket of chicken from KFC and a box of Pizza from Shakey’s. After that, hubby and our kids went to bed while I sneaked in to wrap “Santa’s” gifts for them. As always, hubby had no idea that I already bought a gift for him so I hid it first under our kids’ table.

Christmas morning and here come our three gremlins waking both of us and headed on to our living room while screaming about Santa leaving his gifts for them. Each of them made a letter to “Santa” telling him what they want to receive and in return promised that they will be good. (I helped our youngest to write because she wouldn’t settle not until she had written a letter too.) I loved how their eyes widened when they opened their gifts– those were what they wished for! Meanwhile, I can see from the corner of my eyes that hubby was feeling kind of sad so I knelt down and grabbed my gift for him hidden under the table, and he said “I knew it!”

Christmas Day Celebration


We attended the morning mass with my mom, had snacks at my aunt’s place and went home. Hubby and the kids finished wrapping candies and other goodies for children who would ask for “pamasko”. Hubby made it a yearly habit to give goodies instead of money to children whom we actually do not know. My kids just played with their cousins, called from time to time by their aunt, uncles and god parents for their gifts. We had a small gathering in front of our house, drank red wine with my mom and other relatives and that was it, we all slept soundly.

Day after Christmas ^_^


NYE 2012 
Unlike the previous New Year’s Eve, my kids were awake all throughout the night. They dressed up and played with their cousins while waiting for the fireworks. Hubby bought his usual “Judas Belt” fireworks and some fountains which he lit when the clock struck 12. There were food on our table but we were too tired to eat. We called it a night at around 2am and just feasted on our food the following morning. Allow me to let these photos tell what happened that NYE 2012.


Family Reunions 
It’s this time of the year when family reunions are always scheduled. This year, we got to attend a couple of reunions. First was with hubby’s distant relatives from Pacita Laguna. Some of them are balikbayans who actually resides in Japan and Canada. They went home when a relative died and stayed in the Philippines until the Holidays. Hubby invited them first at our house and then we got to visit them in their hometown in Pacita with hubby’s siblings. We also had great family bonding with hubby’s brothers and sisters in Cavite which we visited after Christmas. My kids always enjoyed their stay there because of their older cousins who took care and played with them while we, their parents, got to catch up on each other’s lives.

We had two reunions in a day on my side after New Year’s Eve. Lunch time was with my Dad’s relatives. We had pot luck and games for adults and kids were prepared by my cousins. Come dinner time and we headed on to my Mom’s relatives place and pigged out again! Another set of parlor games were enjoyed by my kids. The first day of 2013 was indeed tiring but fun!

Laid Back Days 
After those happenings, the remaining days of Holiday vacation were spent snuggling at home with hub and the kids, watched movies on DVDs and washed out left over in the fridge. Chocolates are still lingering inside it and boy they are so tempting! We also went out for lunch or dinner as another mean of our bonding time with the kids before they go back to school. No wonder I can feel that extra pounds since the Holiday season comes in.


Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 
Looking back at 2012, hubby and I felt blessed. At the start of that year, we were tested by God and we survived! Come mid-year and another test was sent but we faced it hand in hand and blessings poured in. I am thankful not just for the blessings but more on those trials that were given on us. It made us stronger and made us realized that nothing can be difficult if we braved things together.
Just as I claimed last year, 2013 will also be my year. I won’t make any resolutions but instead I will keep doing things that I know I will be proud to share at the end of the year 2013.
This, my dear readers—wrapped up my 2012 ^_^
Let’s all face 2013 with a lot of positive attitude and good vibes!


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