Announcement: Who Wants To Be Featured?

I’ve read somewhere that it is okay not to say sorry all the time to your readers if you are a blogger who seemed to be missing in action for quite some time. So I won’t.
But upon seeing my blog’s statistics, there are still people who frequently visit my blog even though I haven’t posted any new entries, and with that I am truly overwhelmed. I know I’ve said there will be a lot of changes here but work has been eating up a lot of my time and energy lately. Not that I am complaining, I earn from them and I need it badly to save more for me and hubby’s long term goal hopefully this year.
So, while I am still up and beating some deadlines, I would like to announce one of the many changes I am making for Story Book Mom. And that is—
I will be featuring here my favorite blogs and its owners of course! 
Well I think that it is about time that I give a portion of my blog to those blogs that I am following and reading. Here’s a confession: I do blog hopping before and after my writing stint. I don’t know but it has been my appetizer and dessert when I am writing. It makes my mind fresh and let the creative juice flow freely. So, featuring these great blogs would also be my way of giving them credit for inspiring me to write and learn new things from them.
And since I am planning to launch this new feature on Story Book Mom this week, I am calling my fellow bloggers especially mommies like me to show interest to be featured. You can post in the comment section below your blog’s name and URL and I will include you on my priority list. I check Story Book Mom’s Facebook Page from time to time so feel free to show your intent to be featured in there as well. I will probably add up a new page/label/category wherein you can see my posts about your blog.
Yay, it’s getting late so until next week! Byers!


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