How To Take Care of Your Newborn

As promised, this is the 2nd part of “The Baby’s Out, What’s Next” post.
my 2nd daughter, minutes after she was born

Things you should know when taking care of your newborn:

  • 6am-7am is the perfect time to bring him/her out in the sun. Past that time and it could be too hot for him/her.
  • When you bring your baby out for the morning sun, take off his/her mittens, socks and bonnet– much better if you take off all his/her clothes so s/he will get all the sun’s nourishment– Vitamin D. (I did this to my three kids but if you are not sure about this, you could ask your Pediatrician). That was actually an advice from the oldies which we followed and caused no harm to my babies.
  • Always clean your baby’s umbilical cord with alcohol (there are two types:ethyl and isopropyl I’m not sure which one I used but better asked your Pediatrician which is advisable). It would surely break your Mom’s heart upon seeing your baby writhe in pain but it’s for her comfort. Once the umbilical cord falls off, it would be easier to bathe, dress and carry your baby. It usually takes 5-10 days before it falls off but that depends on the baby actually.
  • After savoring the morning sun, give your baby a rest then it’s bath time! I used Lactacyd Baby Bath with my three kids. It is gentle and would maintain your babies soft skin.
  • Cut off your baby’s nail. Although your baby has mittens, it is best that you cut off their nails once they grew long to avoid scratches on his/her face. Perfect time to cut off the nails is after taking a bath. It is softer and easier to cut plus your baby may feel sleepy and therefore won’t move their hands that much.
  • Always clean your newborn’s tongue with a piece of soft cloth or cotton. I find those tongue cleaner way too large for these little infants. Formula milk can make their tongue really white unlike in breast milk. If not properly cleaned, it can cause canker sores.
  • Do not use powder. Personally, I never used powder with my kids not until they turned one. As per their Pedia’s advice, powder talc may cause asthma and other lung disease for babies. True indeed, my kids never had lung problems even up to now (heaven forbid).
  • Snuggle your baby with side pillows when they sleep. They feel relaxed and comfortable when they know they have someone beside them. They would think that your still hugging them or just simply there when they sleep. It will also prevent them from getting startled.
So there, the above tips were the same advice I gave to our neighbor. After few weeks, she said being a first time mom became less stressful upon following these tips. Hopefully, it will help you too!

By the way, do try that  Baby Growth Calculator on my right sidebar, it can be useful for you in monitoring your baby’s growth.

Disclaimer: The above tips were based on my own personal experiences. You are free to ask your own Pediatrician if  you think I had it mixed up.


2 thoughts on “How To Take Care of Your Newborn

  1. I don’t think you should put pillows anywhere near your baby. If they turn their head it can get smothered in the pillow. I would instead wrap them in swaddling blankets. That helps them feel cuddled too. Using powder is ok if you shake it into your hand away from the baby and then put it on the baby. If you shake it near the baby that’s what can cause asthma because it gets up in their nose and mouth.

  2. Thanks for the additional input Risa!:) With the kind of weather we have here, it is not always comfortable for the baby to be wrapped with blankets:) I appreciate your thoughts on that powder thingy:) Thanks for the visit! ^_^ Do come back again!

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