Camera: A Blogger’s Tool

“You know you’re a WRITER when you can’t leave the house without a notebook. 
You know you’re a BLOGGER when you must take a photo to prove it.”
I totally agree with the above quote. I had my point and shoot Polaroid camera for almost five years and it finally gave up last two months ago. It has a sentimental value to me because I bought it myself through the bonus I got from my work 5 years ago. During that time, it cost about 9k-10k—yep, it was that pricey for a 5megapixel and a 3x zoom Polaroid camera. It was my first digital camera and it captured millions of memories of my family, colleagues, relatives, friends and even small things I found interesting since then.
My poor defective Polaroid Camera
(photo taken via Samsung Camera)
I still use it even with a loose battery hinge. I was a bit embarrassed to use it in public though because I only put an elastic band to keep its battery inside. Its silicon case somehow concealed the elastic band so I was still able to use it when we go out– after all I have no other option. Yes, I have a camera on my phone, but luck was not on my side because it also faltered bit by bit and I could not get decent photos from it.
As a blogger, every event/happenings, milestone, small or big thing has to be photographed. And I was so down when two of my camera died on me.
Shots from my totally defective Polaroid camera
(in the long run even the images were affected)
Hubby knew how I felt and so he promised to buy me a new camera on Christmas. But since our son will be celebrating his 7th birthday and my Polaroid was totally damaged during that time, he yanked me to go to SM and look for a replacement. I read reviews of Sony Cybershot cameras and it was the brand I intend to show to him. He pointed me some DSLR on display and asked if I wanted to upgrade but I refused. A DSLR would be awesome but I wanted a P&S camera which is easier to carry around when we go to malls or out of town. With three kids always at tow, a DSLR would just be a burden and I would not enjoy its purpose as much as I wanted to.
Samsung Smart Camera 
(Php7,999 Sale Price @SM City Taytay)
I don’t know but I am addicted to using Macro in any camera. The Sony Cybershot I initially liked has no Macro feature. Then the sales rep offered us the latest from Samsung which was on sale that time. For almost the same price as Sony Cybershot, it has a lot more features: a 16megapixel with 5x zoom, a Smart Camera with Wi-Fi capabilities and a Dual LCD. It comes with a free 4GB memory card, a leather camera case and a camera lace. You can find more of Samsung DV300F here.
To cut the story short, hubby bought it right away! Yes, an advanced Christmas gift for me. The minute we got home I tried to take some shots from it. It was totally different from my Polaroid and I am yet to try all of its features. When hubby asked me if I intend to dispose my Polaroid (sell or give it away) I answered a resounding “neither”! As I said, it has sentimental value and whether I can still use it or not, I will still keep it.
Now I could go back to blogging with crisp photos!
What camera do you use in blogging? How much do you care for your camera?
Share your thoughts!

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