My Thoughts On Having Two Daughters

My eldest son is almost seven years old and anyone who knows him would often say that he thinks and talks as if he is already a matured person. True indeed. When hubby’s not yet home and it is just all four of us, I would often ask him to look after his sisters especially when they are all playing outside and he would. I barely have problems with him because when they’re home, television or PSP is enough to keep him still.
My daughters: Cien (3) and Erin (5)
The case is far different from his two sisters, Erin and Cien. One moment they are happily playing with each other either with their dolls or toy plates and cups and then shouting and wailing would follow the moment I leave them. When I ask who the culprit is, they would both point at each other. But the little one knows an effective technique to keep herself safe– she would cry from the top of her lungs so in the end it will be her that I would comfort and it’s her sister that I would scold. And when the coast is clear, I’ll talk to both of them and tell them not to fight again because they are sisters. Then off they go for another playtime with each other.
I grew up without a sister and with only four brothers who would always give way for me since I am the only girl (and yes a Daddy’s girl too!) so it is still a puzzle to me why my girls often fight with each other. When they are playing with their playmates, Erin would rather be with other kids’ sister than her own little sister. They just won’t go along for a whole duration of their playtime. No matter how we try to give the same stuff for our two girls to avoid any reasons to be envious or jealous of, they just won’t be contented.
The tendency is I would ask the older one to give way for her little sis or I would bribe the little one for something nicer so she would be the one to submit. Lucky for me if it either of the two works.
Siblings rivalry– yeah that is absolutely obvious. And I just wish that I could have enough extra power to handle this situation between my daughters. I am still in search for tips and tricks on how to combat siblings rivalry so feel free to share yours, it would help me a lot!


One thought on “My Thoughts On Having Two Daughters

  1. I grew up with just a sister and I can totally relate to your girls. My sister and I are seven years apart, but I think it’s just the same. It’s normal for sisters to fight- but wait ’til they’re older then they’ll get along quite well. Mga bata pa kasi. Now that I’m married and my sister is a teenager, we almost never fight. 🙂

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