Seven Years and Counting

Seven years.. There’s still a lot more to experience as a married couple as most people say but I feel like we’ve been through a lot already. Our first to third year of marriage was pure bliss—we had our three children and we were together most of the time since we work in the same location. Everything seemed to fall into places. Fourth to sixth year was the toughest. It was a rollercoaster ride that at the end we almost gave up.
But God made His own way to make things better for us. He made our godmother, my best friend, my sisters and brothers in law as instruments to help us see things from a positive view. And when it seemed like we were too stubborn to listen, He made another move and that’s it. It was a hard pat on our back especially on hubby.
And here we are—celebrating our 7th year of togetherness.
I personally believe that a married couple would know how strong their relationship is not just through the good times they’ve shared but on how they managed to stay together despite of trials and tough times. In seven years, I can literally say that we’ve been through hell and back but as of this moment, when we looked back at our dark times, hubby and I would hold hands and would tell each other that if we let each other go during those days, then we would never be this strong. That strong pat on the back made wonders to our marriage.
There will still be small fights and misunderstandings but it will be different this time. There could be no other factors that could make it worst and it will still be the two of us who will handle things maturely. In the end—we forget and we forgive.. Our hearts are at peace and we vowed to count many more years to come..
Last slice of our 7th Wedding Anniversary Cake
Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake
Unfortunately, our two kids were sick last August 19 so we didn’t got the chance to go out and celebrate. Hubby just made us special lunch and dinner and that gesture alone made our day special:)
Hubby preparing his masterpiece
Tanigue Steak for Lunch
Shrimp with Oyster Sauce for Dinner

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