Mommy Overload

It has been more than a month since another school year started for my two kids. I can say that so far, so good albeit there are times that classes were suspended because of bad weather and my kids especially my daughter Erin would cry at the top of her lungs just because she don’t want to miss their class (no matter how we told her that classes were suspended). Actually, I can see myself in her, when I was in grade school. I was so afraid that my classmates were at school despite of the storm and I am at home.
I love it when I see the enthusiasm on my kids’ eyes when it comes to studying. They both love Mondays because it means they will see their teachers and classmates again after two days of rest. When they arrived home, they would eagerly tell my mom that they have assignments or would show stars on their hand– signs that they did something great at school.
My daughter Erin all set for school on a Monday.
Last week, my son and I had more time studying than his sister because of their upcoming Monthly Test. Despite of my workload, I made it a point to give him a review session myself. I know I was tough on him– asking questions about what we studied even during bed time.
My eldest son busy studying.
Last Monday, he got his test papers and he made me and his Daddy beamed with pride.
On the other hand, my littlest one agreed not to attend Day Care yet this year as long as she will always accompany her siblings going to and coming home from school. She’s growing bigger and more talkative these days:)
My three year old daughter
It’s not easy taking care of a preschooler, a grade school student and a toddler along with work and of course, the husband. I neglected my blog for a while because of an increase demand on my work and I am thankful with that as it means additional moolah.
I wanted to have “Me Time” since last month but to no avail. Yes, I do go out with hubby and the kids but if given the chance, I would love to have my time alone or with friends just so I can unwind and let go of negative vibes building up on me.
Anyhoo, what’s keeping you busy these days?


2 thoughts on “Mommy Overload

  1. Congratulations on your son’s grades! I saw the photo in Facebook and I was very impressed. 🙂

    Nako, soon I will have two kiddos to take care of. I wonder how you juggle all these?? :))

    I agree, you need to have me-time. I haven’t had me-time yet since I don’t have a nanny for Kelly so tiis tiis muna.

  2. thanks Kim! I was impressed on him myself:) Yay! three kiddos, one mom= riot! lol! Thankfully, my mom is always there to the rescue:)

    You’ll get by for sure. I can see Kelly is growing up well behaved and getting prettier everyday:)

    I looonng for that ME TIME! Sana one of these days:)

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