Monthly Roundup Post: May 2012

And we are now on the half of 2012, that was fast, right? May had been a busy month for me but I’m glad that I made more posts this month meaning I did not leave my dear readers behind on what’s happening to me and my family:) So, lemme just give you a detailed summary of what happened back in May:
 • I had my domain name renewed- a year passed by and that was quick! I also love how my blog had been doing, getting additional readers and getting online gigs through it.
 • Hubby and I made it a point to find new school for our two kids at the start of the month. Now, we were just about to buy few school things for the two of them.
 • A milestone for my youngest daughter, Cien, she’s diaper free at last (umm.. except during the night and when we go out)
• Mother’s Day -pre and post celebration.
• Hubby’s birthday celebration which I truly prayed to be fun for him (an answered prayer it is).
• My own experience on dealing with separation anxiety and how to cope up with it.
• I also accepted a guest post from a fellow mom this month
Pardon me for summarizing this roundup post because I just took a break from doing online gigs to keep up with my monthly roundup post. Anyway, I wish for a much.. much.. better June ahead not just for me and my family but as well as to you.. yes you, the one who’s reading this:)
Excited for school days!
Oh and to end this post, allow me to share my daughter’s picture when they fit in my second daughter’s school uniform. The little one will be turning three on the 12th and she isn’t going to school yet—she just love wearing her sissy’s stuff.

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