So It’s Called Separation Anxiety

As far as I can recall, this is the first time that I’m going to sleep with one child missing from our bed. My husband brought our eldest son with him to attend their company outing. I don’t like the idea at first since it will be an overnight swimming out of town but something came up which prompted me to allow my two boys to go.
Since my two girls are with me, I hardly noticed that my son is not at home but when it got dark outside and I haven’t heard anything from my husband, I picked up my cellphone and called him. Hubby said that they were just about to leave the office—at 5pm! I thought they will be leaving earlier. And so I asked what our son did the whole day at their office. He said he was fine because he had his PSP with him though he became a little bored after lunch.
That’s when I started worrying for our son.
Few minutes after, I called again and asked my hubby to give the phone to our son because I wanted to talk to him. He said he’s in the other car because it was more comfortable for him to ride in an air-conditioned car than be with him in an L300.
I was appalled.
He let other people look after our son! How could he??
I know my son, he’s too quiet and shy and I doubt if he would even let those people inside the car know when he’s uncomfortable.
What if he’s becoming drowsy and needed to throw up? He’s not used to long travel.
What if he wanted to pee or poop?
What if something happens with the car and his not with his Dad?
Those were the questions I threw at my husband. And he just simply said that our son is a big boy now and that he can handle himself. I firmly told him to keep checking on our son and let me know the minute he’s with him so I can call and talk to my son.
I had dinner with my girls and even as I washed our dinnerware, my cellphone was beside me, anxiously waiting for updates coming from hubby. And then I tucked them into bed and it was just then that hubby texted me and told me that they arrived at the resort and I can talk to our son now.
The minute he picked up the phone I asked how he is and he said he was fine. I was still talking to him but he said he can hardly hear me so he gave the phone to his dad. Hubby told me that our son was just eager to jump in the pool that’s why he doesn’t want to have a long conversation with me.
I was hurt but then I felt relieved upon hearing from him that he is okay.
I reminded hubby again to take good care of our son. Never leave him alone in the pool, stay with him when they sleep and make sure he’s comfortable.
Separation anxiety—that’s what I’ve gone through today when I searched the Internet.

Separation anxiety is a psychological condition in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment.

I have read few tips on how to cope up with this kind of disorder especially for moms like me but I felt so stressed tonight so just stay tuned for my next post.


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