Even the Simplest Acts Count

I have been working a lot these days and somehow I felt guilty of not having more time with my kids. Most of the time it is my mom who look after them and they spend their movie nights with their Dad instead of me.
Since there’s a newly built McDonald’s near our place, I yanked hubby and the kids with my mom to go and try it out, it was not my treat though but I promised hubby that it will be on me next time. The place was crowded with customers eager to try the new fast-food chain. Hubby lined up while we looked for our table. First thing that my kids looked for was the rest room so they could wash their hands. Honestly, neither hubby nor I taught that habit so I guess I have to say a huge thanks to Barney and Elmo (my kids have huge CD/DVD collections of these characters). 
I gave a thumb up for the new Mcdonald’s in our town because they have separate wash area outside their rest room unlike their competitor. The lighting was also great and my kids love their spacious area. We didn’t check what’s upstairs because there might be a play pen and a chaos is possible to happen with my three children in there. So we just stayed downstairs and ate our meals while the kids enjoyed their McFloat the most. We had a little picture taking with my camera phone and then we went home.
It was a very simple bonding with my family but I knew how much joy my kids had. 
No matter how busy mom or dad you are, we all need to slow down and work on our family bonding even if only for a few moment. From the simplest thing of eating out, playing games with your kids to an all out weekend adventure. Every family member’s happiness depends strongly on this one simple task—family bonding.

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