Three Ways to Throw a Great Birthday Party on a Budget

Guest post by Melissa C at Blog Content Guild

Some parents want to throw their children outrageous birthday parties, boasting acrobats and circus performers in decadent venues. So, should we feel guilty for throwing our child a low maintenance Super Mario birthday party every once in a while? Absolutely not! In fact, it’s completely possible to throw your son or daughter an incredible birthday party on a budget. Here are tips for making your child’s day special, without going broke:
1. Set Your Budget
As every budgeter knows, the first step to saving is setting a budget, right off the bat. How much can you afford? Set a number and stick to it. This will help you stay focused throughout the entire party-planing process. Buy party supplies on sale and always keep the receipts of your party purchases.
2. Do It Yourself
If you work full time, you may feel hesitant to do all of the party stuff yourself but, trust us, it pays to DIY! Take the time out of your day to bake your own cake. You can look up frosting techniques online and make it look just as great as if the pros had baked it. Plus, homemade cakes just about always taste way better (and fresher) than store-bought cakes. You should also make your own party invitations. Get creative with some nice heavy paper and a calligraphy pen. Parents and children will appreciate a hand-written, personalized invitation.
3. Limit the Guest List
Big parties may be fun and festive, but they’re also extremely expensive. Limiting your guest list to the select few will allow you to buy minimal amounts of food, cake, and party favors and, therefore, save some cash. Additionally, having a smaller guest list will also allow you to maintain a low stress level during hectic party times.
While you may see over-the-top, ostentatious children’s parties on TV, the reality is that your child will have just as good of time with a smaller, budget-friendly party.


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