Kool-Aid for 2012.. Why Not?

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Happy New Year everyone! Whew! I’ve been in a long Internet hibernation since the start of the Holiday Season and that means only one thing..  Lots of overdue posts to follow lol! Anyway, I guess most of us had gained extra pounds in line with the festivities that happened and as for my kids they also enjoyed the foods, the candies and other sweets that my relatives and friends gave them. One thing that they were not allowed having even though its Holiday season are soda drinks.

Fortunately, we never heard any complain from them because they love the refreshments that I prepared for them and you know what it is? Kool-Aid! Yeah I know, just reading that juice’s brand name instantly brings back the old times. Care to share one of your own memories with Kool-Aid? I personally remember having this drink placed in my Coolman mini jug during my elementary days and in varieties of flavour though orange flavour is my favourite.  I actually do the same thing now with my preschoolers. Their snacks will never be complete without Kool-Aid inside their lunch box and I love it when they brag to their classmates how expert their mom is in preparing special drinks lol! Since Kool-Aid is so easy to prepare, I would often tell them that I can mix it even with my eyes closed.

It’s actually a fun thing for me to start the New Year with a flash back from the past and bringing Kool-Aid inside your home as 2012 comes in could never be even better than having sodas inside your fridge. Also, if you are like me who made a resolution to give myself a “me time” by watching movies once in a while, then you should check out Kool-Aid Facebook Page for schedules of upcoming Sunday movie nights. You just have to click the “Noches de Pelikoola” tab on their Facebook page and then you could download coupons and bingo cards you and your family could play.

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