Mommies Can’t Be Sick

As of this writing my fever had gone down from 38.6 to 37.5 (thank goodness!). After my daughter Erin got sick, it was followed by Cien, my youngest one. I guessed the culprit why I am the one who’s sick now was the stress that I got from taking care of them in the span of two weeks. Nevertheless, I am thankful that my son and hubby was spared from getting ill (still keeping my fingers crossed).
Actually, the title “Mommies Can’t Be Sick” above was my status post on my Facebook account this morning. And some of my fellow moms hit the LIKE button. It clearly shows that we, mommies, believed on the said predicament.
There could be chaos inside the household when moms are the one who got sick. Just imagine who would do the cooking (although in my case, I really don’t cook so let me eliminate that), who would clean the house, who would take care of the kids, who would do the laundry and other household chores. I only have my mom to come over to our house to help me with some of my chores during weekdays. We don’t have a house help which is actually an issue in our home since the kids got sick, to get one or not. I am the one who is against it but let me narrate the reasons why in a separate post.
The thought of lying in bed the whole day because of my fever doesn’t appealed to me so I got up when hubby left for the office, took a bath (yes, even with fever) and did my usual chores. Good thing the kids preferred to stay with my mom’s house except for Cien who stayed with me. I made sure to take my medicines on time though. Come late afternoon and my mom brought me soup in disposable bowl knowing that I wouldn’t be able to wash the dishes after eating.
I guess I was fine when dinnertime came. Hubby came home with additional paracetamols for me then cooked our dinner. I am a lot better now which is obvious because I am here now, blogging. For fellow moms out there, let’s stay well and healthy!


3 thoughts on “Mommies Can’t Be Sick

  1. Getting a helper is a no-no for me too. I don’t think I can entrust the house (and baby Kelly) to a stranger. If I need to have anything done in the house, hubby helps me out or we ask help from my mom or my aunt.

    I hope you’re feeling a lot better now!

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