Just a Systemic Viral Illness

It’s been three days since my daughter Erin had an on and off fever:( She wasn’t able to take her exams and attend their dance rehearsals for their Christmas. So Friday morning, even though her temperature was normal and the rain was pouring, we went to her Pediatrician at Medical City in Robinsons Cainta.
As we waited for her, Erin and Cien kept on goofing around and making other patients smiled at them.
As per her Pediatrician’s thorough check up, that is after checking her tonsils and other vital parts plus asking Erin if it hurts when she pee (she suspected Urinary Tract Infection at first) but got a “no” answer, she declared that it was just a Systemic Viral Illness. She said that in case she got fever again when we get home until the following day, she needs to have her blood check and other laboratory tests first. However if things go out fine, Erin only need to rest for the weekend and if we can, avoid bringing her into crowded places (parties/malls) for the meantime.
Erin during her check up
I was comfortable talking to her and since I am still clueless about what exactly a Systemic Viral Illness is, I asked her to explain it again to me.
Systemic Viral Illness– Fever that is caused by a virus is commonly termed Systemic Viral Illness or Influenza or Flu. Most commonly these viruses are Influenza A or Influenza B. The infection spreads fast via airborne droplets by coughing or sneezing and by direct contact. This disease is usually not serious among young and healthy adults, who normally recover from it even without treatment, but it can be fatal among the elderly and those with heart or lung ailments.
Symptoms: Fever, Chills, Body aches (joints and muscles), Red watery eyes, Cough, Congested or runny nose, Sore Throat, Headache, Tiredness, Weakness, Loss of appetite, Diarrhea
I usually make the most of our visit to my children’s Pediatrician and so I also asked if Erin’s weight is still normal for her age since she looks so skinny especially now that she’s sick. She got her chart and checked Erin’s records. She said that the ideal weight for a 4-year old was 16kg and my daughter weighs 15.8kg, so she’s still on the normal range. However, when she checked Erin’s height she was amazed at how tall she is. She was above the average height at her age and I said we usually get that kind of remark. I said it’s in the genes since her dad was tall too, about 5’8″.
I was relieved after her check up and since we haven’t seen her Pedia for a long time, we chatted more about our kids. How they’ve grown already and how she’s having her second baby. We bid her goodbye after that and off we headed to Jollibee since it was already lunch time. My two daughters were already waiving their disposable utensils at the crew and almost scream “we’re hungry!” if I was a second late of warning them not to.

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  1. Hi wanted to leave a comment for any adults who might read this like me 🙂

    I’m an adult, female and I just got diagnosed with systemic viral illness. My symptoms were headache, fever and chills, general malaise (muscle weakness), upper abdominal pain and had little bouts of coughs now and then.

    I was prescribed to take Immunomax to boost my immune system. My bloods and urinalysis got negative results as well. I was also told to go back if my fever persisted but thank God it did not recur.

    I’m on my fourth day still feeling a little groggy but able to do my daily routines but with caution of course.

    Get well soon everyone

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