I Am Joining BC Bloggers, You Should Too!

As soon as December came in, I told myself that by next year, I want to make it big to the blogging world. I mean I want to increase readership for my three blogs especially this one and of course, more readers, more traffic mean more paid opps. Good thing I bumped into one of my co-mommy blogs and I saw that BC Bloggers is back. I actually had no idea about it so I read more from here http://www.mommydiary.net/. I read their mechanics and now here I am joining! Just also in time to let you know guys that I will soon re-arrange my blog list. I noticed some of those on my list are no longer active while some doesn’t have my links in return:( So if you would like to be included on my new list feel free to send me a message/comment and I’ll include you in it.
So if you are also like me who want to exchange links and increase traffic on your blogs, you should also join BC Bloggers as their mechanics are easy.


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