Erin’s Christmas Party 2011

Finally, it’s my preschoolers’ Christmas vacation already. Erin had their Christmas party this week and it was held at Jollibee Ever Gotesco Ortigas, the same venue last year. She was excited to wear her new clothes so here she is:
Her bangs was courtesy of my Aunt:))
The party started with an opening prayer from their teacher and then it was followed by games, raffle draws and a dance presentation. Erin was supposed to be in the dance but she got sick and wasn’t able to attend the remaining rehearsals.
Christmas Dance Presentation from Kinder students
But I knew she enjoyed the fun and games especially when the star of the party came in and she got some photo opp with him:
Photo Opp with Jollibee
And then it was eating time! I barely touched my food since I was still full from our lunch that day so I just asked for a paper bag. I love how Jollibee promote take-out boxes that are made of paper unlike before where they used Styrofoam for their meals, as a mom I believe it is much safe for my children.
Enjoying her meal in a paper take-out box
When the party ended, Erin gave her gift to her teacher and then had their pictures taken. We didn’t know yet if she would like it but a text message from her confirmed that she did! Here’s her message: “Gud pm, touched naman po ako sa gift ni Erin, naiyak ako.”
Curious of what she gave to her teacher? Check it out here: Christmas Gift to My Daughter’s Teacher

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