Christmas Shopping for Our Kids

Finally, hubby and I got the chance to sneak out last Saturday to shop for our kids’ Christmas outfit. We tried to shop with them but with swarm of people inside malls in this kind of season, it’s just impossible. Since it was a Saturday, we thought perhaps it’s a little less crowded compared to shopping on a Sunday. But we almost turned our backs when we saw shoppers here and there and sales personnel were also everywhere.  We only have few days left before Christmas so we braved the crowd and get inside SM Department store in Taytay Rizal.
It was supposed to be easy for us to look for our daughters’ clothes but hubby and I have opposite tastes. He usually wants our daughters to look boyish like in a rugged outfit. Polo shirt and shorts or pants. While I want them to look girly-girly, you know in dresses, skirts, sleeves or backless blouses. Since I was the in-charge for their outfits this year, I get to choose what I want for them but still with his approval.
At times like this, the frugal mommy in me is in high alert so I scour for sale items first. And luckily I did found On Sale foot wear for the three kids. Let me share you what we shopped:
Florsheim Rubber Shoes for Ciren Php1,199.75 
Florsheim Sandals for Cien Php800 (see the yellow tag?It’s On Sale!)
Winnie the Pooh Sandals for my Erin Php300 (another sale find!)
Chuck Taylor Minnie Mouse Converse Shoes Php200 
(Big, big discount on this, Original price was Php699)
Christmas Outfit for Erin
Moos Gear Dress Php449.75
Lizzie Backless blouse Php299.74
Barbie Long Sleeve Shirt Php299.75
Just Tees Maong Shorts Php249.75
Christmas Outfit for Cien
Winnie the Pooh Over-all Dress Php699.75
Barbie Dress Php229.75
Girl’s Edition Owl Shirt Ph199.75
No clothes yet for our son because hubby said he will buy his shirts and pants at a Warehouse Sale of Le Tigre which is located near their office in Quezon City. He also found another great warehouse sale along E. Rodriguez which sells different kinds of dinnerware and other home furniture so he’ll definitely be busy after office hours.


So, do you think I got great deals on our children’s shoes and clothes? Feel free to comment.:)

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