Till We Meet Again

I got another chance to escape from my three kids last Saturday and meet up with my friend and former colleague at Gateway Mall Cubao. It’s almost a year since we last saw each other so you could just imagine how many tons of chikas we missed (you know how girls are). We ate at KFC and ordered their Fully Loaded meal while we talked, laughed, talked and talked lol! By the way, I like how KFC’s disposable bowl kept their soup hot even though it took a while before I remembered that I have ordered one.
cam-whoring part I


Unlike me who is already a mom to three charming children, my friend is still single so one of the topics we talked was about her love life (an interesting one, teehee!). We didn’t even noticed that we’re finished on our meals and we had been staying on our table for more than two hours. So we went to the restroom, freshen up and strolled around the mall. Hubby’s been texting me during that time because he asked me to drop by at his office after that meet up. But one thing my friend and I missed was cam-whoring! We did that when we were together at work and even had our boss as our photographer.

cam-whoring part II

I told hubby to just wait for me because my friend and I were still busy catching up on our lives but the truth was we’ve been taking pictures here and there around the mall (camera tripping lol!). We parted ways at around 5pm and agreed that we will find another time again to see each other. With that let me share you this very nice friendship quote I got:

‎” Friendship isn’t about who you have known the longest. It’s about those who came and never left your side.”


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