Revived Artistic Side

I’m supposed to be blogging and writing articles but just recently my passion for Digital Scrapbooking had returned and I’ve been downloading free kits since yesterday. I have my other blog which showcases my craft and it’s been months since I add new posts in there. Actually, that’s one of my goal this month of August, to revive that blog and create new layouts for the tons and tons of pictures I had on my digital camera and laptop. I promised myself to squeeze in some time to work on my artistic side.
I intend to post my birthday wishlist tonight here but I got new pictures of my girls and now my hands are itching to start digiscrapping. I guess that post would come later after I create something out of my freebies. Please feel free to visit my Digital Scrapbooking blog and look at my few and simple work of art (lol!). Which reminds me to search for affordable yet durable extra hard drive since I’m sure my free kits will eat up my laptop’s memory once again. But for now, I have to take extra effort to save those freebies on CD/DVD at least until “somebody” gave it to me as a birthday gift.


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