Crazy for Curls

Some people would often tell me that I am lucky to have a super straight hair. That I don’t need to put extra efforts just to have a “good hair day” every day. But for me, I don’t like it very much. I find my hair boring and dull. I envy those girls who have either small or big curls. I remembered when I was a sophomore in high school, I had my hair curled by my aunt. Great timing because after that curling session, our class picture was taken. But after a week, my hair went straight again despite of the long time of soaking my hair into those chemicals just to keep my curls permanent.
A week ago, I saw this Curlformer product sold by one of my friend’s contact in Facebook. I sent the seller a personal message and asked about the price and shipping fee. She immediately replied and said that she lives in Taytay and offered me a meet-up instead of paying for the shipping fee. How I wish I could also find online sellers of biodegradable plates and cutlery in Facebook (sigh). Anyway, I will post my experience on this particular Facebook seller and the product at My Mind’s Outburst‘s blog.
As I got the curling product, my daughter Erin and I tried it the following day and I could say it was another girl-bonding time for us.
My daughter with Curlformer
I have no picture of her after I took off those from her hair because she hurriedly went out and bragged her new hair-do to her playmates and to my mom. So please bear with me if you’ll see my picture below just to show the before and after effect of using Curlformer (lol!)
see how big smile I had after having those curls? lol!

2 thoughts on “Crazy for Curls

  1. I want to have a permanent curls too, but hubby don’t like the idea:((, so I have to be contented in using this curlers as of the moment:)) As for you sis, curl it away!:)) You’re pretty and I’m sure any hair style will be perfect for you:))

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