Birthday’s Over

Finally, my birthday was over and to tell you honestly, it’s something not worth blogging for but I’ll share some kwento anyway.I woke up early since the kids have class in the morning. Hubby also didn’t reported for work. He and my youngest daughter accompanied me in going to church that morning then I treated them for breakfast at Jollibee.
birthday mom and Cien @Jollibee
The original plan didn’t happened because hubby’s office mates informed us in the afternoon that they couldn’t make it since there were no available service car for them. Our kids and I just slept the whole afternoon since I was too drowsy that day because I worked (online) super late that night. And instead of preparing special dinner for hubby’s co-worker, we just ordered our favorite Special Pancit and bought me a cake. There were still couple of leche flan in the fridge which my mom made for our anniversary and a gallon of ice cream so that completed my birthday treat. We shared them with my relatives and handed some to our close neighbor. This is why we make it a point to have disposable plates and take out boxes, for easy distribution of give-away food (lol!). And that’s just about it, birthday’s over!


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