Birthday Jitters?

Now what am I doing here?! I just finished updating my two other blogs plus I wrote an article for one of the blog site that I am handling for months now and still my mind is wide awake. Could it be because of the lingering thoughts I have since last week? Ah, perhaps I could call this a birthday jitters (teehee!) Tomorrow will be my last year on the calendar and it made me think eww! Yep, I am that old.
I’m thinking what would be my agenda for that day. Of course it would be a birthday holiday for me so I really have no intention of working on that day. I remembered last year, as a birthday gift for myself, I went to David’s Salon and had new hair cut, hair treatment, a manicure and pedicure. I’m thinking of doing it again. But hubby already made plans. He invited his boss and some office mates over dinner to celebrate my birthday and our recent wedding anniversary. And that means I would have to buy new sets of disposable plates and utensils again.
Perhaps I could do it on the next day, a post-birthday treat for myself. Oh well, I better go and hit the sack this very minute. I only have few hours left before I wake up and prepare ourselves for another long working and schooling weekdays. So byers!


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