6th Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Hubby and I are officially starting on another new year of being together as husband and  wife. Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary and we celebrated it by dining out together with the kids and my mom. We were wed on Quezon City (August 19) day so we always have that special day free from work as we both work in Quezon City.
We had to wait for our two kids first from school before we head to Sta. Lucia. Hub and I saw a new American pizza house behind Sta. Lucia near Fridays so we decided to try it out. When we entered and sat on our table, the kids looked at their menu and asked for chicken and rice. To their disappointment, they don’t have rice aside from the baked rice menu they have. So hubby just ordered pizza in a take-out box then we went to Kenny Rogers. Lunch was spent there.
After that we strolled for a while and went to Worlds of Fun again. When the kids get bored they asked for ice cream so we decided to have it at Wendy’s. Wendy’s is one memorable food store for me and hub because this is where we usually meet up during our dating days, only it was at SM North.
As we ate our Frosty Float and fries hub and I talked about our dating days with my mom. Ah, those good ‘ol days! When we rarely fight, always love love love! lol! When we passed by the cinema and I saw the number 6 on the wall, I asked my mom to take a picture of me and hub. They both asked why? I said it’s because we are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary so that number 6 is significant for the occasion. So we posed, but our kids don’t like the idea of just their mom and dad on the picture, so instead of just the two of us, they all joined in. People passing by looked curious at why we were posing beside that number lol!
The day went well. It was a simple celebration as we are having another one few days after that day. We will be celebrating my birthday.
* * *
Let me just share the 6th Wedding Anniversary Layout that I did through Digital Scrapbooking


5 thoughts on “6th Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration

  1. Happy anniversary to you and your husband!

    I’ve always wanted to try Papa John’s in Brickroad. Wala pala silang rice meal? But I want rice! Haha. Sana nag Friday’s kayo para may cake and song for your anniv. 😀

    Since you mentioned Worlds of Fun, naalala ko rin nung kiddie days ko pa. I used to go there with my parents as well. It was better then, though. Naging tambayan na yun ngayon eh.

  2. thanks for the greetings mga sissies!
    @kim,we’re saving Friday’s para sa amin lang dalawa hehe..memorable din sa amin yun kasi dun kami 1st nagmeet ni hub:) We love Papa John’s pizza, baked rice lng meron sila eh di type ng mga kiddos ko. WOF, oo nga, daming tambay mostly students:)

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