Nutrition Month Celebration 2011

Because of continuous rain brought by typhoon Juaning, I thought my daughter’s parade for their Nutrition Month celebration will be cancelled. But to my dismay, her teacher informed me on Wednesday night that there will be no cancellation of parade for the following day. So I had no choice but to finish what I have started on my DIY tomato costume for Erin.
Yup, I came up with that idea on Monday so me and my mom went out to look for cloth that I could use. Unfortunately, my mom’s sewing machine is no longer working because of the typhoon Ondoy so I had to do manual sewing. Here is my daughter on her tomato costume. (More on how to make your own tomato costume at My Mind’s Outburst.)
DIY Tomato Costume for Nutrition Month Celebration
Parade should start at 7am but as always, Filipino time, we left their school at around 8:30am. There were few drops of rain pouring when we started the parade but when we were almost near the venue where the program will be held, the rain grew strong and we were all wet even though we had umbrellas. Nevertheless, the program proceeded and it’s a good thing the kids remained active and in the mood for their presentations. Here are some snapshots of the event:
Children were all dressed up on their fruits and vegetables costumes. They did their respective group presentations before they have their snacks. Parents paid for their children’s snacks from Jollibee days before the event. To add up some fun for the kids, Jollibee mascot was also present,did his dance and had photo opps with them. (See how my daughter clings to Jollibee’s hand? teehee!)
I was glad that Erin didn’t got any tantrums that day unlike some of her classmates. First picture from the left was her and her favorite classmate Samantha on the top right was with me. On the lower right side was Erin and Sam with their teacher and Cainta Mayor Ramon Ilagan’s wife. Celebration ended at 11:30 am and I’ll tell you it was a very tiring day for me (being a stage mom and all). I recorded Erin’s presentation with her classmates as they sang “Bahay Kubo” and I promised myself not just to upload it on the Internet but to have it saved on CD/DVD so I could have a lifetime back up of it.


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