Rewards Given

Before the school year starts last year, hubby and I told our kids that if they will do great in class and graduated with honors or awards we will give them rewards. And so it happened, our son got two awards in Kinder while our daughter became 1st Honor in their Nursery class.
So as promised, I bought my daughter her very own pink laptop! This is what she had been asking me to buy for her every time we go to SM department store. Fortunately, I got an extra sideline from my online work and my budget for a kiddie laptop came from there.
Pink Kiddie Laptop
I bought this at Toys ‘R Us in Robinsons Metro East for Php1,199. It has 46 fun activities under six categories: Words, Math, Memory, Music, Keyboard and Games. It has a USB mouse but unfortunately it does not have a cd writer for my daughter to do her own cd duplication, lol! I can see from my daughter’s eyes that she  was very happy. As I entered inside our house she was already shouting “thank you Mommy, thank you Mommy!” and said to her playmates “love ako ng mommy ko kaya binilan nya ako laptop”(my mommy loves me that’s why she bought me a laptop). That is how our little Erin is, she talks like a mature kid already and very vocal in expressing herself.
On the other hand, our eldest son also got his reward but it didn’t came from me but from his uncle. He was my brother’s favorite being his first nephew. Actually he was asking for a PSP but boy that is too expensive for a 5 year old. So, when my mom saw an MP5 from a cellphone store and asked for its specifications, she told that to my brother and said he will give me the money and buy it for my son as his gift.
It looks like a PSP but a little smaller and of course a lot cheaper. When my mom did her first canvassing for this gadget, its price was between Php1,500-1,200. Luckily I was very good in haggling and I got it for only Php1,050. Included in its package is a 2gb Memory card with installed games, music and videos. It has a radio and a built-in camera, charger, USB connector for TV and computer and a head set. It has a one-month replacement warranty and 5 months service and repair warranty. Not bad for its price actually.
But of course, I have three kids and in our family we make sure to always give three equal attention to each one of them. So I also bought something for my little Cien, a toy telephone for Php100 only.
Rewards for our three children

A child’s appetite for new toys appeal to the desire for ownership and appropriation: the appeal of toys comes to lie not in their use but in their status as possessions.
–Christopher Lasch 


5 thoughts on “Rewards Given

  1. mommy… dami ko po awards. gift ko? chos!

    what you and hubby did is really nice. for sure this coming school year magiging top performers ulit mga junakis niyo. hihi 🙂

    congrats on their achievements!

  2. wow! pink!! ang cute cute naman.. gusto ko rin nyan ahahaha…

    anyways, regarding your question: if it’s for the same price, then I’d suggest Google na lang. But if you can get a domain for less than $2, for me, pagtitiisan ko ayusin yung domain. It’s not that difficult naman sis. And it only affects the naked domain.

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