Remain in Preschool or Skip to Grade School?

We had meals in disposable plates this afternoon just because I found a bunch of them hidden within our cupboard. I bought it  months ago actually for my birthday and we completely forgot about it. After that, Hubby and I debated on whether to enroll our eldest son in Preparatory or skip it and enroll him to Grade 1 instead. In hubby’s point of view, Ciren, our son, is ready enough to enter the grade school because he can read both English and Tagalog and he is good in basic Math like addition, subtraction, odd and even numbers etc.
But I’m afraid for my son’s adjustments when he skips Preparatory. I mentioned before that they were only 6 in their Kinder class and that they’ve got three teachers who assisted them all through out that 10 months. Going to the restroom, eating their meals, preparing their things etc. That was his first time to attend school since he did not attend Nursery unlike her sister. With that I knew he got used to being pampered at the same time taught by his three charming teachers which I believed was effective because he did well in school. It was actually their school’s objective, to help kids learn even while playing. So with three teachers and 5 classmates, I couldn’t imagine yet how he would react if he saw more students and a single teacher when he enter Grade 1.
Aside from that, our son is just 5 years old and will only turn 6 on November so I really am not yet comfortable to hubby’s idea. I believe the required age to start grade school is 6 or 7 years old and he is just 5. This summer vacation I can see how he missed playing the whole day, without me calling him to take a bath and change into his school uniforms. I know he would still love to go to his recent school where he could still learn and play.
I wish hubby and I can talk more about this issue because time is actually running fast and soon it will be enrollment season once again. Another fact that we are both looking at is the approval of K12 education which according to their school principal was already approved by P-noy. That was actually the main topic that was discussed during their graduation ceremony. Which means there will be more years for our kids to stay in school and learn.
So what do you think? Remain in Preschool or skip to grade school? POV’s will be greatly appreciated;)


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