Post-Graduation and Birthday Treat at Club Manila East

As hubby and I promised our kids, we, together with my mom of course, all went to Club Manila East in Taytay Rizal last Saturday and spent an overnight stay at one of their hotel rooms. That was actually our treat to our two preschool graduates and as our post birthday celebration of my daughter, Erin. That day was perfect as the sun was all up! The kids were relieved of the heat by soaking their bodies inside the kiddie pool together with me, their dad and my mom. We got there before their check-in time which was 2pm so we went straight to the pool and dipped. Around 1:30pm we lured the kids over a pan of pizza  and some snacks in take-out boxes just to get them out of the water and headed to our room.
At the Club Manila East Hotel Lobby
We were actually here last year when we celebrated Erin’s 3rd birthday and we were just a room apart from the one that we occupied before. I’ll post my review of Club Manila East in my other blog so please do check it out too. Anyway, going back to blabbing, while waiting for our pizza, the kids enjoyed their shower in the bathroom albeit the bath tub is of no use. After eating our snack, hubby ordered our lunch from the canteen and waited for it to be delivered. My bad, because I wasn’t able to take pictures of our food which happen to be rice, chopsuey, lechon kawali, lumpiang shanghai, cream of mushroom soup together with ice cold softdrinks. After devouring our lunch few minutes after our snacks (lol!) we tried to pursuade the kids to have their afternoon nap but with no avail. So around 4pm, we were all back to the pool and dipped in again. The kids want to ride in the kayak but their dad don’t want to. So they just enjoyed in  swimming. My son was very determined to learn how to swim on his own and we actually saw him floating and swimming. That was an achievement for him. While my daughter Erin enjoyed crawling swimming at the poolside and she gets angry when me and my mom would call her Mutya. Meanwhile, my ever clingy Cien, was of course all arms around me. Sometimes she will let me put her down the water but few minutes only she’ll be all up on me again.
Fun.. fun.. fun.. in the water!
We went back to our room in time for our dinner  and ordered food from Chowking. Mishap happened when  all of the disposable spoon and fork fell off the floor because of our kids who were all running around the room. We we were all tired then and so we all dozed off to sleep as early as 8pm! It was a smooth night for my family but not with my mom. She kept on waking up every hour or two because she’s not used in sleeping from other bed aside from her own in short she’s namamahay! So, at 5am she was all up and so was my son. They turned on the television which woke up all of us. I was very hungry that time so I asked hubby to call the canteen and asked if we could already ordered our complimentary breakfast but no one was answering the phone. The kids wanted to go swimming again and so I said we have to eat our breakfast first. 7am our breakfast arrived and we all got ready for another swim. But the pools were all closed yet so we just had our photos taken at the different parts of the resort. 7:30 and we were all in the water again. The water was cold but the kids don’t mind at all. We enjoyed the pool and packed up at around 10:30am since check out time was 11:30am.
Goodbye Club Manila East!

Upon travelling home, hubby asked the kids if they enjoyed our treat and the three of them all shouted “YES!”

7 thoughts on “Post-Graduation and Birthday Treat at Club Manila East

  1. This is the nearest resort to our house so we always frequent this place. It doesn’t look crowded in your pictures even if it’s summer already, which is good.

  2. @chew on this, that’s one problem actually. there’s no life vest provided. @kimmy, really sis, so that means you’re from Taytay too? We’re from Cainta and so CME was the nearest resort for us too! yes, it’s not yet too crowded when we got there:)

  3. @rachelle, I actually have no idea because we didn’t get out of our room anymore after 5pm. However, when we out the following morning with the intention for an early swim, all pools were closed and they only opened the kiddie pool around 8am. Better call CME for more precise answer:))

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