Grown-up Girl Bonding Time

Me and my kids usually bond over great set of movies especially this season were it’s hot outside so we just curled up in bed almost the whole day with the air-condition on. (of course we expect sermons from their dad when it comes to electricity bill). But we don’t care lol! Anyway, it only happen during Saturdays when I’m off from work. 
But today as I called in sick for work, me and my daughter had a different kind of bonding which I called grown-up girl bonding time (yes, it was derived from the movie Enchanted, one of our fave movies).  Grown-up girl bonding because we played with my make-up this time which we can’t do when her dad is around. I understand why hubby don’t like the idea of applying make-up to our daughter, it’s because her skin is still young and it might get irritated etc. etc.. but I think this one won’t hurt.
So, after I applied a very light make up on her, she asked if our camera has batteries and I said yes and she exclaimed, “piktyuran mo ako mommy!” (take some pictures of me!).. The minute the cam was ready she froze and flash out her pretty smile followed by series of her pose.
Model wannabe!
After that make up and photoshoot session (lol!) she took off the accessories I put on her but was careful not to erase her make up. She then asked for her paper and pen and started writing, drawing and coloring. That’s when her brother came in and that’s the end of our girl bonding.
By the way, I made a digitally scrapped collage of her pics that you may want to check out too.
How about you, how do you bond with your daughter?


3 thoughts on “Grown-up Girl Bonding Time”

  1. That is adorable! I cant wait till my little girl is older! I dream of what we are going to do, give each other pedicures, manicures, let her put that nasty little girl makeup all over my face!( I have always hated that stuff so maybe we will get a natural makeup.) Seeing as how you have a little girl I am having a giveaway on my blog, one of the buisnesses is a woman that is local who makes these beautiful dresses. She donated a hair accessory to the basket! Please join, there is some stuff for mom to, candles, a cute vynil and a coupon off a custom order!

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