Proud Parents, Indeed!

At last, two important events were over. The first one was my son’s Moving Up Day last Saturday and the other was my daughter’s Recognition Day and Farewell Program last Sunday. The three of us were too busy few days before that because of their practices and props making. Both of them have poems and songs to memorize so I also have to assist them with that when we were at home.
Thank God they both did well during their presentations. Hubby and I were actually surprised at our son because they did several song interpretations and a poem  which he didn’t tell us. He usually run outside our house to play the minute he changed his clothes. And as we watched him doing their act, we both felt proud because he didn’t forgot his lines and his actions were well-coordinated with his classmates. Unlike her sister, Erin, who kept on singing their farewell song on her way home until she got to our house (that was according to her Mommy Lola) and would recite in front of her Uncles the poem and prayer assigned to her by her teacher. Oh well, every child is different from one another right? It’s a good thing they were both on the right track and made us, their parents, proud.
What made us proud more was when my son’s principal called his name to award the Most Improved and Most Optimistic student. Hubby initially told me that he will be the one to accompany our son on the stage and I will be the one to take the picture since it was only me and him during that event. I agreed because I can see the proud look on his face and I didn’t want to spoil it. My son’s name was called again for the Best in Science Award and that was my turn to accompany him. Hubby took the picture then.
Light Bearer Christian Academy 3rd Moving Up Day
The following day was daughter’s Recognition and we didn’t know if she will have an award too. She’s in Nursery and she represented their class during the opening prayer. Program started around 4pm followed by several presentations from the Preschoolers. It was almost 6pm when the awarding started and guess what? My daughter was one of the Outstanding Student in their class! Hubby and I were really thankful that God guided both our children in their studies and made them excel among their classmates. Their Farewell party started after the awards were given. We had a pot luck to share with the rest of the students and parents. It was fun indeed, seeing the children enjoyed their food in disposable plates after that tiring day and of course,  playtime in between their meals was the more interesting for them.
SVDC Recognition Day 


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