Going Back to Online Shopping Again

It’s been ages since I last shopped online especially in Multiply where I have my few trusted sellers. I thought I will be able to shop for some new clothes and accessories at Trinoma yesterday together with my friends but unfortunately, our date was cancelled.
Although I can drag hubby and our kids to the mall on a Sunday, I know it would be impossible again for me to look for stuff that I want. And so I remember to visit my Multiply account tonight and my eyes feasted on the latest products that my suki have in their online stores. I buy things there starting from clothes, sandals, accessories, bags, children and baby stuff and some home decorations too. However, I haven’t seen any Multiply sellers yet who offer products like Eco disposable plates or biodegradable utensils despite the swarm of items being offered and promoted there.
Upon reviving my interest in doing online shopping again, I am now checking one by one my fave online stores and preparing myself to haggle again:)
How about you? Do you prefer shopping online or walking-in to department stores?


One thought on “Going Back to Online Shopping Again

  1. I’ve never done online shopping before since I’m scared about the quality of the products or if I’m ordering the right sizes. Do share your suki sites ’cause I’m interested… especially for baby things. I think you were the one who recommended that I search multiply for the strawberry set I want to buy for my baby.

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