Another Achievement for My Daughter

Forgive me if I may seem redundant in my posts about my daughter Erin and  her achievements. In my recent post, I already shared to you that she was chosen as one of the outstanding students in their class during their Recognition Day. Last Monday was their Graduation Day held at Sta. Lucia East Mall and hubby and I were proud to say that she was announced as the 1st Honor of their whole Nursery Class. She now has three medals that I intend to display in our living room together with those awards acquired by his brother. This is truly an overwhelming experience for me and hubby. Although we both know that there is still a long way to go before we see our kids go up the stage to receive their college diploma, this is a good start for all of us.
After the ceremony, we were supposed to eat at Kenny Rogers but my daughter Erin wanted french fries and there is none available at Kenny’s while our son is craving for fish fillet burger, so we ended up.. at McDonalds. (I almost drool over the look of those chicken at Kenny Rogers but the kids’ choices are our priority that time.) We dined in a hurry because it was almost  6pm and we’re sure my youngest daughter is crying her lungs out again in search for her mommy. Hubby just bought food in take out boxes for her and my mom. The minute we arrived and changed into our pajamas, we locked ourselves inside our room, watched the first part of Harry Potter I then we all fell asleep, we’re all dead tired that day. I only woke up when my cellphone rung and received a message from Erin’s teacher congratulating her. Now isn’t that sweet? I replied the following day because that was almost 11pm and I returned to my slumber again.


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