I took another off from work again yesterday to accompany my eldest son to their main school at Light Bearer Christian Academy located at Karangalan Village Cainta, Rizal. Their call time was 7:30 but the program started at around past 8am (Filipino time once again). The school has almost 300 students as their director said to his opening remarks including preschoolers from their Taytay branch. The program included presentations from primary and secondary level and of course together with the preschoolers. So, most of the audiences were parents of those little cute kids. Those on the secondary level performed first and I was amazed at how tall and matured looking high school kids of today’s generation are. They were all too shy to perform but I guess there were corresponding points to their grades so they had no choice. I was smiling while I took this shot of these boys, which were obviously the school’s varsity players:
Light Bearer’s Varsity Team
In my mind, I know few years more and my son will be as big and tall as them and hopefully he will be that interested in sports too.
While these boys looked very shy of what they are doing, these girls were all game:
After these teenagers’ presentations, it was followed by the preschoolers:
I only had few photos of my son’s dance presentation because I chose to record it on videos instead. If you feel like watching it, you can see it here and here.
It’s a relief that after their presentation, preschoolers could go home. We went inside my son’s room and bade goodbye to his teachers. But before we leave, I took another photo opp with his teachers and classmate:
My son with his pretty favorite classmate Irish (looked like a love team huh)
Upon hearing that I will post this on Facebook, his two teachers posed eagerly beside him:)
My son urged me to go to Sta. Lucia after that but I said we can’t because his sister will go to school at 11:30am. Luckily, he submitted when I told him that I will just let him play games on our laptop when we arrive plus I will buy him a new bay blade toy. We were home by 10:30 and the rest of my day was spent with my three makukulit yet adorable children. Another Mommy duty accomplished!


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