I Gotta’ Love Milk

I hate the tingling sensation I feel whenever I drink milk. But when I got pregnant with my eldest son, I was forced to drink Anmum milk as my OB’s advice. I can even remember how I tried to skip drinking it but I have no escape from my husband because before I can even think about it, he was already handing me a full glass. His sermons were still vivid in my ears until now, as if it was recorded in a digital voice recorder. I thought I’ll be over that dilemma but when I decided to breastfeed my eldest son, hubby insisted that I should drink milk regularly. And from then on up to this moment that I am still breastfeeding my youngest daughter (she’s one year and eight months), milk has become a staple drink for me. It’s a good thing that there are lots of ready to drink fresh milk in the market today unlike before where you have to the mixing of milk and sugar in a glass of warm or cold water with a stirrer to get the right blend of taste.


4 thoughts on “I Gotta’ Love Milk

  1. I drank the Hazelnut flavored Anmum and I drink it cold… with lots of ice to cover up the taste. heheh! I love drinking the Nestle milk packs. But I want it chilled or else, I won’t drink it 🙂

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