How We Spent Valentine’s Day

I’m actually sick today, yes, I’m sick on a Valentine’s Day 🙁 but no sweat, because hubby and I still went out but not to have a date actually but to do our bi-monthly grocery. But indeed, the time we spent together today was timeless because we both felt that once again it’s as if we are still on a bf/gf stage lol! Hubby actually told that to me and of course there was a kilig on my part (arti noh?!)
We accompanied first our son to his school then we went to SM Taytay. We went to BDO to pay some bills, then to SM Appliance Center. Hubby bought a new appliance and whatever it is will soon be posted on my other blog for product review. After that, he asked me where I want to eat. We had a heavy lunch before that and I’m still full so I suggested The French Baker. We had these for our snacks:
Clubhouse Sandwich for Him
Beef Lasagna  for Me
As expected, while we were eating, hubby was again bombarded by several text messages from his clients (it usually happens especially if he was on leave) which he cannot ignore. See?
pardon the pixelized face it was by hubby’s request (celebrity?!)lol!
We had apple juice in a caraffe and ordered asado rolls and chocolate muffins for the kids. Oh by the way, some of my readers was curious on what I gave to hubby as my Valentine’s gift since I told earlier that it was a secret. Actually, it’s not that fabulous, I just intentionally had it wrapped in a big box to make him guess on what’s inside. He thought I have no gift for him since I was sick since yesterday and that I got no time to buy him one. He looked a little gloomy this morning when I greeted him but when I handed my gift, his smile was up to his ears. He didn’t showed how excited he was to open the gift so he let our youngest daughter opened it for him (which was unusual). 
And these are what’s inside the box…
Valentine’s Day Gift for Hubby
Polo Shirts from Folded and Hung
I don’t know how to close this post since I am just forcing myself to blog this day (I’m having terrible headache again) so let me just redirect you to my other blog to show you my other Valentine Gift to hubby which I believed I mentioned before.


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  1. ..absolutely true mga sissies..Material gift (expensive or not) should never be a person’s preference of having a Happy Valentine but the time you spend alone with your significant other..<3

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