Digital Voice Recorder for Personal and Business Use

I am a huge fan of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) and other television program that have the same themes and concepts. Basically, I am fascinated at how advanced their gadgets are just like this new high quality voice recording device.
In reality, this voice recorder can be used in your daily life from recording a phone call, class, business talks, law matters and guess what, even cell phone! There’s no way you can’t retrieved what had been said and done with the help of this 510 Plus digital voice recorder.
Now, let me give you in depth ideas about this fantastic invention from the Professional manufacturer of security products:High Quality Voice Recording

510 Plus digital voice recorder automatically starts telephone recording when the phone was picked up and automatically stopped after hanging up. It is also activated when sound is present to eliminate blank space and maximize its memory capacity. Apart from these, you can have a secret recording with its No LCD Display and an ON/OFF Vibration on Recording. It has a large LCD size and good visibility, File Management by recording date and time and a hearing aid function. Don’t fret if you happen to erase files by mistake because it has a recovery function. This mini voice recorder is also made compatible with every telephone and cell phone recording.
Nothing else can beat this kind of voice recorder from Record Your Life Inc. considering all the said benefits that a person can get upon purchasing. Along with the package are ear phone, battery pack, Manual, USB cable and a metal clip.Now, you can easily document your personal or business life with this miniscule yet high quality voice recording device.


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