Several Birthday Parties to Attend To

Last weekend, I accompanied my two kids in a birthday party held at McDonalds SM Taytay. And this week, I’m trying my very best to finish all my committed tasks online before Friday as my kids are invited again to two birthday parties this weekend. One will be on Saturday and another one on Sunday both at Jolibee Ever Gotesco Pasig.
It’s a great relief for parents that they have the option of celebrating their children’s birthday parties in this kind of venue. No need for tedious preparations especially when it comes to food. Kiddie meals are commonly served in disposable take-out boxes along with disposable spoon and fork. If only these two giant fast-food chains (Jolibee and McDonalds) will also promote the use of Eco disposable food services then maybe parents can truly be assured of their children’s health when they dine in. Studies showed that plastics are made of harmful and toxic materials that can compromise any individual’s health unlike biodegradable plates, cups, utensils and other kitchenware. These are safe products because they are made of resources from pulp, canes and some reeds.
There are also no boring times when parties are held here because along with the food package comes a host (sometimes hosts) that organize the fun and games and of course, the star of the party (aside from the celebrant) the mascot.
My daughter squeezing this mascot:)
I’m just so proud of my two kids because they eagerly participated in games unlike their cousin who just sat on her seat and never wanted to mingle with the other kids. My eldest son, bagged many goodies but unfortunately they were all girl’s stuff because the celebrant was a girl, so he just gave it all to her sister.
My son during one of the games he participated with
Anyway, celebrant of the two upcoming birthday parties are both boys so I guess my son will love it more to join in the games.


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