From Barney to Barbie

My daughter now loves Barbie instead of Barney (they rhymed right? cute!). Well, at least she has a heiress for her Barney CD collections and she is non-other than Cien, her little sister.
Time fly really fast, my daughter who used to sing Barney songs like “I Love You” now hums with the tune of Justin Bieber song Baby and JZ and Alicia Keys’ New York and many other modern songs.
Her Barbie cartoons preferences also evolved from her fairy tale princesses’ roles to modern and hip chic. My daughter’s latest Barbie CD is entitled Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, where she played as a popular surfing girl and lives in Malibu together with her grandpa and two surfing girl friends. The highlight of the story was when her hair suddenly turned pink while she was in a surfing competition and found out that she was actually a mermaid’s daughter. It was a nice cartoon movie and your little girls will surely love it just like my Erin especially when you hear the song “Queen of the Wave”.
Barbie Cartoon Movies in CDs
I’m also proud of my daughter because at her age she knows how to take care of her CD collections. After watching, she will immediately ask for its jewel case and put the disk back inside. By end of March, she will turn four and I can imagine now that she will be a neat and organized girl when she grows up.


3 thoughts on “From Barney to Barbie

  1. oh how I wish my kid grow up to be organized. That would make it easier for momma to clean up the house 🙂 before you know it, your young girl will turn into a young lady soon.

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