August: My Birthday and Our Wedding Anniversary Month

Yes, these two events come in one month and what could be the best cheapest way to celebrate them? Double-celebration! It’s actually hubby’s idea (of course his main purpose is to save his pocket!) every year. But then he couldn’t escape the fact that he still has to give me two gifts! teehee!
But this year, I would love to celebrate it different from the past years. Since it will be our 5th year wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday (just by typing that figure makes me say eww! just one more year and I’m out of the calendar!)
For our anniversary, I told hubby that I would just like the two of us to go out. It has been five years that we sleep and wake up seeing each others faces and I wouldn’t say that it was all pure bliss. There are also petty quarrels (there’s no perfect couple right?) and other factors that make our marriage shake a little bit but then we are still here. After all, we have our three children and that’s what make us hold on to each other.
He asked me if I would like to go out of town, but I said I don’t like it especially if we will leave the kids. All I want is a whole day with him. But I still can’t come up with any idea of where can we spend that special day. Any suggestion?
As for my birthday, I want to celebrate it of course with my family. A simple dinner would do. Oh and I have a birthday wish list! Well, the stuff on my list are just things I want for myself. Actually, I could have just buy them but then the thought of having these things as gift from people I love would be much better, right?*wink* So here it goes:
1. Wi-fi Router- I thought I wouldn’t be needing this because we have a small place. But now, I so want this thing so I can surf the net in the comfort of our room or while on the sofa or even when I’m at my mom’s house (which is actually just at the back of our apartment).
2. Extra Hard Drive- for the tons of photos stored in my laptop
3. Computer Chair- my back and butt ache when I sit on our monoblock chair for a long time (blogging/writing, Digiscrapping, Facebook-ing etc.)
4. A treat at David’s Salon- with that particular salon talaga! I want to have a new haircut, hair color and a Manicure and Pedicure
5.  Family Picture- I wanted to have a family picture shot in a studio  for a long time.
6. And lastly, A DAY ALL BY MYSELF!- you may think I’m becoming selfish here. But I just want to relax and unwind free from being a wife, a mom, a daughter and a sister. Everyday I play these roles. I am not complaining though. I know I’m destined to be like these and a day is what I am just asking. (couldn’t think of what I can do on that particular day yet since it’s still up to the people around  me if they can give me this birthday wish).


3 thoughts on “August: My Birthday and Our Wedding Anniversary Month

  1. August is our wedding anniversary month too. Hubby and I are married for almost 2 years now. Hindi pa namin alam kung paano icecelebrate. Last year kasi, we didn’t celebrate our anniversary. We were saving up our money then for Jam’s first birthday party. But this year, we’re planning to celebrate kahit simple lang. Our wish lists are almost the same. Matagal ko ng pinapangarap magkaroon ng family picture this year. I want it to be a yearly tradition kasi.

    Lots of love,

  2. @golden, correct ka jan. Kahit kasi we can have our family picture taken most of the time through digicam and camera phone iba pa rin yun kuha sa studio di ba? =)
    @Chris, thank you for dropping by! God Bless=)

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