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I wasn’t able to update my blogs, especially this one (with the continuation of our HK trip wherein I know some of my frequent visitors here are all waiting). I got a pile of online task to finish (thanks Bro!) and an unexpected thing happened because of the storm Basyang. But then I’m still thankful that it was not that bad unlike with Ondoy, however, that long brownout caused too much delays on my deadlines and here I am now, cramming. (but honestly speaking I think I’m more productive when I cram, see, I was able to post this one). Hubby cannot take another night without electricity so he brought us again in Hotel Sogo (I blogged about our first experience in that hotel and if you are interested feel free to drop by here).The kids felt relieved when they knew that we will not sleep at our house and that they can watch TV once we get there. Upon arrival at Hotel Sogo, near Sta. Lucia East Grandmall, we were greeted by I think 3 or 4 families like us and with their kids too. We got our number and waited inside the lobby for an available room. Good thing the room that we got has two double beds, mom occupied the other one with my son and daughter while me, hubby and our baby shared on the other bed. After the kids took their shower, they went to bed and watch TV. They were not able to finish what they are watching because they already fell asleep. (probably because they didn’t got a good night sleep last night because of the brownout and they also did not got their afternoon nap).

We had our breakfast at Tropical Hut and after that hubby went his way to his office while me, my mom and the kids went home. The weather today was delightful, as if nothing happened and most of all, the electricity is back!
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