What’s the Oldest Message In Your Inbox?

Hubby and I recently had a LQ misunderstanding. We exchanged mean text messages while we were both at work. While waiting for his reply, I browsed my phone’s inbox to prevent me from sending another “drop dead lines” to him. I stumbled upon this one:
It was the oldest message on my phone, almost 5 years ago, and it came from my husband, a day before his birthday and when we were barely two weeks on the bf/gf stage. It made me recall those days when it was just the two of us. His office was just in front of my workplace and it’s a usual scene for my boss, officemates and his colleagues, to see him crossing the street just to bring me snacks (ang haba ng hair ko no?). He will call me on the phone couple of times within one day just to ask what am I doing when my obvious answer was “I’m working of course”. We don’t go out during weekdays that’s why we spent more time on the phone when at work and at home. Sunday was our usual date.=)
A beep made me snapped out of my nostalgia mode and it was a text from him saying “Duday, bati na tayo ha!Kita tayo sa dating tagpuan”. (Too bad I erased the message). It has been our words of endearment from the day we got married until now that we have our three kids. From “Baby” to Buknoy and Duday.. not so mushy and yet there’s more love and affection expressed through those names.
” A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences”.
Dave Meurer, “Daze of Our Wives”
With this quote let me end this post by sharing you my reply to hubby’s text message, I texted him:
“Okay, libre mo ko dinner ha!” .. as simple as that. We may fight over the biggest or smallest issues in our life as husband and wife, but glad that we always exert much effort to end it up together.So, do you have an old message in your phone  inbox too? Who is it from?=)

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