Politics In the Eyes of The Young Generation

5 days to go before the National Election and candidate’s jingles and commercials are rampantly being played over radio stations and in between tv programs. We laughed hard last night when my mom told us about my eldest son’s reaction everytime he will see Vilma endorsing Noynoy as his president. Ciren will say “Asus!”, when asked why he said that, he will say “ayoko kay Noynoy, gusto ko kay Erap” (I don’t like Noynoy, I like Erap). My mom then told him that she don’t like Erap but he will insist that when he grows up he will vote him (as if Erap will still be alive by that time lol!).
My son and daughter will laughed out loud whenever they see Jinggoy’s commercial where faces of his supporters constantly change from one person to another. They almost memorized each and every jingle of Manong Johnny, Binay, Bong Revilla (otso-otso) and of course the chart topper Villar’s jingle (admit it, you have also hummed to that tune one way or another). Even my little Cien  stop what she’s doing and look straight at the tv whenever she hears any candidates’ political ads.
Political candidates through their political ads really made a great impact over the young children’s minds. Let’s just hope that whoever wins, will make our country a much better place to live for our kids’ generation.

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