My Cien’s New Sleeping Buddy

Remember my recent post about my youngest daughter’s biting habit? Well, thank God she ceased doing it all through out this weekend. After continuously applying Xylogel and Daktarin Oral Gel to her gums to sooth her teething, she finally spared my nipples from her sharp teeth. =)
During the times that I refused to nurse her and let her feed from the bottle with my expressed milk, her bed time changed because she can’t sleep without nursing from me. Then after her brother gave a box of oral gel for her to play with, she lied down on her side and after a while, she’s past asleep. For three days, that box became her sleeping buddy.=)
I wasn’t able to take a picture of her on the first night.
2nd night with her Sleeping Buddy (Daktarin Oral Gel Box)
 3rd night with her Sleeping Buddy =)
My Cien-Cien


2 thoughts on “My Cien’s New Sleeping Buddy”

  1. that’s so cute! my baby’s starting to grow her first two teeth (pretty late at 10 months). though i’ve stopped breastfeeding her a couple of months back, she’s biting almost everything in sight.

  2. my mom always told me to stop her from breastfeeding her everytime I yelp while I nurse her. But I told her, sayang naman. Ang laki kaya ng natitipid ko sa gatas=) I guess, that motivates me to take the pain of her biting habit.

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