Flower for Me

This morning before hubby and I go to work, my daughter, Erin, rushed inside our room and gave me a beautiful violet flower. She said “ Mommy oh, flower for you! Love kasi kita eh!” (at three years old she can talk clearly and no “bulol” words unlike her cousin who is a year older than her) then she smiled at me. Isn’t that sweet? I asked her where she picked that flower and she answered “kay Ate Delia!”. (lagot!) She is their grandmother actually because she’s my aunt but because most of the people in our compound call her ate, my kids call her ate too.

I got it from her and put it behind my ear, then she left our room. Outside, as we bid goodbye to our kids, she asked where the flower is. I said I left it inside our house, she cried, yelling that I should have not removed it from my ears until I get to my office. So to pacify her, I went back our house and here we are:

Me in my office uniform plus the violet flower with my Cien (obviously not in the mood) and my sweet Erin girl


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