Citibank’s Free Movie Passes Promo

My husband and I watched Robinhood last May 18, Tuesday at the Gateway Mall in Cubao. As we went to the cinema’s lobby, we noticed the tarp about the Citibank’s Free Movie Passes Promo. Then husband checked his wallet if he got the charge slip of his last purchased and there it was. We went to the ticketing booth and asked about the promo. The attendant was kind enough to explain about it. She said we should pay the difference between the cost of the free movie pass and the actual cost of the screening ticket. And how come the promo stated it’s FREE when you still have to shell out an amount of money?

As of this writing, I saw again the Citibank’s FREE movie passes (the word free is in all capital letters actually) on the newspaper. Now let me quote here the promo’s mechanics:

Get 1 movie pass when you spend at least P1500 and get 2 for Paylite or straight purchase of P5000 or newly approved Citi One Bill enrollments. Each movie pass is worth P100 and you can combine 2 to get a single screening ticket worth P200 or below. Movie passes may be redeemed within 30 days from the transaction date. Only purchases in Philippine currency are qualified.

Okay, as I was analyzing this post, I now understand what they meant about their FREE MOVIE PASSES. You cannot avail that free movie if you spent only Php1500 purchase using Citibank credit card simply because a movie ticket nowadays costs more than Php100. In our case, the movie ticket in Gateway costs Php170. We had 2 free movie passes (from hubby’s charge slip with an amount of Php5000+) and we paid an additional Php140 to cover up the cost of the movie tickets.

It’s kind of tricky (I think) so make sure to have enough money before you avail the promo. Because the truth is, in my opinion, Citibank’s Promo about Movie Pass is not free but only discounted.

Anyhoo, we enjoyed the movie and afterwards we had our snacks at Pancake House and we ordered these:

Pancake Clubhouse
Blueberry Cheese Flavor Yogurt 
Black Forest Flavor Yogurt


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