Summer Birthday Celebration at Club Manila East

My 2nd daughter turned three last March 31st during the Holy Week Season. To beat up the scorching heat, we decided to celebrate it at CLUB MANILA EAST in Taytay Rizal just 30 minutes away from our place. Despite its proximity to our house, it was just our first time to visit the resort. It was there for quite a long time and is one of the main attractions in Rizal.
Hubby and I filed for a vacation leave on that day while my mom and older brother accompanied us together with the kids. Other members of the family didn’t make it since they were too busy keeping up with the Holy Week presentation in our place.
Upon our arrival in the resort, hubby asked if there was still an available room in one of their Villas because according to the staff that I talked prior that day, all of their rooms were all reserved for the whole week. Well, because of his great PR ability (quite common for a person who is on the field of Sales), the staff managed to get one room for us instead of renting a Cabana as our initial plan.
Here is our room in Dona Luz Villa:

Room Amenities:
Complimentary breakfast for 2
2 double bed and 1 sofa bed
personal ref ( with 2 complimentary bottled water )
microwave ( for re-heating of food )
dining table with chairs
aluminum dresser
bathroom with bathtub ( toiletries included )
Bible (I don’t know if it’s because of the Lenten Season or it’s there all the time )

The resort doesn’t allow bringing of foods because they have their own cafeteria and a few food chain booths like Jolibee, Chowking and Pizza Hut.
I didn’t get the chance to take pictures of their beach wave pool because we stayed the whole day in the kiddie pool with the celebrant of course.
We went back to our room and ordered food from the canteen then after a while, the kids yanked again their mommy Lola to go back in the pool and swim. Cien and I were left in the room as I nursed her and eventually, we both got a quick nap ( ah! The advantage of breastfeeding! When the baby sleeps, so with the mommy.)

Around 2 pm the kids were back after their mommy Lola finally convinced them to just plunge in the bathtub instead of staying in the pool with the sun all up and giving them the “nog-nog” look.

one last shot before living the resort
On our way home, we asked the kids if they enjoyed Erin’s birthday and guess what they answered. Kelan ulit tayo babalik dito? ( when will we go back here? ) hehe.. a not so obvious answer that they like the place huh?
Birthday Girl: Heleina Erin

My verdict for this resort: two thumbs up for the place itself and so with their customer service.

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  1. Never been to Club Manila East because I am from the south, but I have been hearing good feedbacks about it. Hope I could bring my family there soon. 🙂

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