Pre-Birthday Treat for My Mom

My mom’s 61st birthday is on April 27 and since it falls on a regular day, hubby and I decided to treat her in advance today. We had lunch at Max’s with my eldest brother and our three kids.

There goes my mom..  Most of the people she knew can’t believe she’s on her sixties already because she don’t look like one (watcha think?). I just wish that I’ll inherit that “young looking” feature of her =). When people ask her what’s her secret, she says nothing! She just enjoys her life taking care of her three favorite grandchildren (those are my kids, lol!), going out with her elementary years ‘barkada” (yes, they still has a solid and constant communication) and occasional out of town get away with my family.
Guess, being happy not only makes you look young on the outside but most on the inside. My mom can attest to that.
chatting with my eldest brother
enjoying their lunch (pancit canton, spring chicken, tofu with kinchay, garlic rice)
hubby loving his Crabmeat fried rice (saw it’s name on the receipt)
hubby serving mom’s special request “sinigang na hipon”
we all love “Crispy Pata”!
After that sumptous lunch, we went to the supermarket to have our grocery (a week advance before payday)
my youngets daughter “Cien” enjoying her ride on the push cart
Around 3pm we’re back home and the kids went hurriedly inside the room and turned on the air-con. It was indeed a fun and a very hot Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Pre-Birthday Treat for My Mom”

  1. @moonchild117, as of now that’s her biggest asset and she’s proud to reveal her real age=),
    @surreal princess, thanks! we’ll be having a simple dinner later in celebration of her birthday.=)

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