Leveled Up!

Got a text message from my mom this afternoon telling that Ciren was moved up from Nursery to Kinder. His teacher told my mom that he seemed to be knowledgeable and advanced enough compared to his other classmates. She even said that they will run out of stars if they will give it all to him because every questions they asked, my son eagerly answered. Though some of his classmates are of his same age, he’s more familiar not just with the basic shapes and colors but even with the more complex ones. He even knows what an octagon looks like! He knows how to count one to ten (thanks to their Sesame Street CD collections!) and is slowly studying about letters (at night when I got home, I get their books and teach them).
So starting tomorrow, Ciren will attend the 8:30 class for Kinder while Erin will remain at the 10:30 slot. However, their teachers also commended Erin for being smart and witty too even at three years old. She can draw almost perfect lines and circles and knows how to color them.
At least, their collection of Sesame Street, Barney and Baby Einstein cd’s helped them a lot to develop their brain and motor skills. They knew most of the nursery rhymes in their class not just the lyrics but also its matching actions.
With the advanced technology we have today, I find easy ways to teach my kids about the basics in learning. There are educational cd’s (like what I’ve mentioned earlier), more books that are full of writing and reading activities in colorful pages (unlike our traditional ABAKADA) and most of all, there is the Internet!
Let me share this two sites to y’all that I recently digged out for my kids perfect for your toddlers and pre-schoolers too!
(Hit me back some lines if you enjoy in there will ‘ya?)

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