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I have been contemplating long enough for this blog to materialize. Yes, I already got two, the Scrapolous Mom and My Mind’s Outburst, but with them, I am forced to limit my posting on one topic alone to keep up with the blogs theme. So now, for Scrapolous Mom I intend to keep it exclusively for my Digital Scrapbooking (that’s the main reason why I put it up in the first place) and reviews will be kept on My Mind’s Outburst.
In this blog, I will post my usual rants and rave as I go on with my everyday life especially as a wife and a mom to my three angels. I also want to share some of my ordeals on line like my few attempts in writing, building up friendship with cyber moms like me and things that I will discover through the web.
Okay enough with the intros.. it’s time to flip the pages of my life..


About Mai Dela Cena

Mai is work at home mom to three kids since 2010. She loves curating contents for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

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