Best Things to Do When the Kids Have Gone to Bed

Any household with children is a beehive of activity until that time every night when the kids are put to bed. The house becomes quiet and provides parents with some time to do what they want. While some parents may be tempted to use this time to complete household chores, spending it on themselves is probably a better idea to keep them refreshed. There are many different activities in which they can participate.

Playing online casino games at sites such as is a fun way to enjoy the time after the kids are in bed. Many parents find it virtually impossible to go out to a land based casino for the evening. It’s always a chore to make arrangements for a sitter and then there is getting ready to go out. Parents find it just as satisfying to gamble within their own home and in their pyjamas if they so choose. Parents can play together on one device or use different ones to play against each other. Online casinos do offer some lucrative bonuses which can permit parents to even play for free.

Some parents may prefer something a little more romantic. Dancing can be a fun activity to enjoy while getting a little exercise. It doesn’t matter what kind of dancing. It can include slow moving music or faster tunes. Some parents may find slow dancing to be more relaxing to them. Of course, simply lounging around the house watching a movie or television can also be a nice way to relax. To add a little ambience, some parents may turn the lights down and light some candles. Adding a glass of wine or another preferred spirit can help make the evening at home even better. The nice thing about staying in for the evening, no worries about dress codes so wearing comfy sweats or pyjamas can occur.

School is fun

Failed Tooth Fairy Duties Made Me Slow Down

“I don’t believe in tooth fairies anymore!” my daughter said. Then my son came in and blurted out his sentiments too. “The tooth fairy just got my tooth but she never gave me anything in return!” And I was left with nothing to say because it was all my fault.

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Summer Class Kinder 1 & Kinder 2

Summer Classes: Prelude to Formal Preschool

In preparation for my daughter’s formal class in Preschool this year, we enrolled her in a summer class so she can be familiar with other kids who are  also just learning to read and write.

My youngest daughter who will be turning five on June 12 will start her first year in Preschool as a Kinder I. Continue reading

Boracay Family Summer Getway 2014

Highlights of Summer 2014

It has been two months since the Summer season started and now that it is about to end I got the feeling that I should fill you in with what happened to my family and I during those days. And with no further ado, here’s the highlights of our Summer 2014: Continue reading

Busy as a bee WAHM

I Am A Very Busy Bee

First of all, lemme greet all those hardworking peepz out there a “Happy Labor Day”!

It’s another new month and I finally got a few minutes to create this post. As the title said, I am a very busy bee. When classes ended and summer vacation started in mid-March, I thought I could finally breathe in. But nope, with our three kids with me 24/7 there’s no way I could do that. Well, except for a couple of times when hubby and I sneaked out to have a quick date and our five days family vacation in Boracay (for the 2nd time).

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