another school year ends

Another School Year Ends

Our two gradeschoolers and I could say, “Thank God it’s already summer vacation!”

This school year was a tough one. Perhaps it was because we enrolled our kids to a school that has the most priority when it comes to education. Greenland Academy has advanced lessons for their students (which we really liked) and a whole lot of examinations in store for them. While I often read on my husband’s Facebook account how parents were busy reviewing their kids for each periodical exams (and that would be four for the entire school year) I, on the other hand had to go through the stress of reviewing my two kids (Grade 1 and Grade 2), three times for each grading period (you do the Math). And that did not include assignments and quizzes for almost every day or sometimes every other day.

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island hopping in Boracay Philippines

Island Hopping in Boracay, Philippines

It’s summer! And people are already beating the heat by dipping in to the water be it in private swimming pool, resorts, beaches, inflatable pools at home and yes, even in big basins! The heat reminded me of the times when we went island hopping in Boracay last year and yes the incomplete posts about that family getaway of ours.

That made me wrote this long over-due post about our island hopping in Boracay. So, with no further ado read along with me as I reminisced those happy days when we walked on white and fine sands of Boracay.

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DIY Transfer: Blogger to Wordpress

DIY Transfer: Blogger to WordPress

It wasn’t easy I tell you, but it’s all worth it and fulfilling especially if you did it on your own. Google and I became best of friends actually during this whole DIY transfer: Blogger to WordPress thing. In between my online tasks, I would spend an hour or two for each steps of the migration process. So imagine how long I spent just to have my blog be on where it is right now.

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Blogging Hiatus Ends Here

blogging hiatus ends here

If it hasn’t been to my intermittent to fully disconnected Internet provider for five days, I wouldn’t be writing this come back post after I announced my blogging hiatus. I was supposed to be asleep right now since there’s no way I could do my online tasks, my SmartBro plug-it is also useless as of this time. Perhaps it’s because of the anxiety I am feeling right now since I know my boss is wondering where I am and why I am being irresponsible for not communicating with him. I just hope and pray that he will understand my situation.

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On Blogging Hiatus, I’ll Be Back Soon!

I know I haven’t been around much lately and I made it even worst (for me and my readers) by posting a sponsored one. To tell you the truth, I have lots of things on my mind to share with you all but I had made a choice to just keep it off from the blog for a while. Well, it is not that I am completely shutting myself off from the worldwide web because if you have been following me on Instagram, you will see that I am still sharing bits and pieces of my family and I through photos.